New Labels!

We’ve got a new look and colour for our product label – blue to green. Nice, eh?


Also a new stock of fresh colours for our hand towels. The mums gave us a thumbs up. Time to shop for batik to match. Ever so glad to go shopping with our marketing lady, Helen and a nice time to chit chat when the serious business of sourcing is over!

14856113_1243143319091815_6575447610274021981_o 14566242_1243143435758470_9027089336268656950_o

14753866_1243144175758396_1840538066589111239_o 14753778_1243143759091771_4297534627068230941_o 14633623_1243144242425056_8237879039957137045_o
The biggest thumbs up on Thursday goes to The Bread Shop, Bukit Damansara. Got a call from Ai Lin to collect from her house pastries and breads for the kids who attend tuition at Pusat Bantuan Sentul. Imagine the happy arms that carry the school books and breads to share with their brothers, sisters and pa and ma. Thanks to The Bread Shop for the yummy haul:))