Sewing in Full Swing

Last week we were in full swing rushing an order of shoe bags and other items. 6 machines were coaxed to meet an express order and everything turned out fine.


Our client, Mrs Ong was mighty pleased with MSWL work she rewarded us with a generous sum of extra cash. That done, we are already in gear tackling X’massy tote bags and hand towels for a Singapore order and the ABWM Bazaar. Vicki, admin director of Pusat Bantuan Sentul welcomed Anju and Vani with a MSWL badge.

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Deve surprised us with her gift of baskets of organically home-grown vegetables. Suddenly the room erupted like a noisy market ! You bet there were happy persons leaving our nest in Pusat Bantuan Sentul this morning!

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The last duty of the morning stretched till past noon. It was a concerted effort to visit a potential supplier of hand towels, after having checked out 3 other outlets. Indeed the 4 heads were better than 1! We placed an order for new colours.

Here’s a big shout out for MSWL items: Please contact us at: for any queries or orders. For good pricing and workmanship, MSWL delivers! Please spread the word. Thank you!