Sewing is my Superpower

Super, bustling Thursday morning and afternoon at Mums Sew With Love. Our Hon. member , Bain Les from Melbourne joined us in the prep for the 2 expatriate charity bazaars on Nov 3 &12 at the Renaissance Hotel . Please come support us and the participating vendors.

I brought some acrylic pouring pieces done by my daughter, Sharmini Markandu to MumsSportiv to hang. Helen, our marketing lady was handy with the hammer and nails. Thanks for the art gallery feel, Sharmini:))

Watched Kanthi doing her work on the ribbons for the sport apparel. Her sewing skills, confidence and work etiquette are going up, up and up:)


Very happy to welcome 2 staff from the welfare dept of Dignity Foundation for Children. Real proud they gave MumsSportiv big thumbs up for the homely atmosphere. Together both parties look forward to the benefits to reach our outreach sectors.