About Mums Sew With Love

Mums Sew With Love (MSWL) is a community sewing project which started in July 2014. It is under the administration of a non-profit organisation, Pusat Bantuan Sentul.

Our Mission

To establish a sustainable sewing centre for under privileged women of different ethnicities to upgrade their socio- economic status in a dedicated, caring environment thus empowering them to become productive members of society.

Our Vision

To empower to empower underprivileged women with a lifelong skill and to pay the foundation for change among the marginalised to upgrade their socio- economic status.
We recognise women as the cornerstones of families and influencers if generations thus the need to uplift this particular group.

We believe in the value of women and recognise mothers as the cornerstones of families and their roles as great influencers of generations.

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Why A Sewing Project?
Everyone can sew! This project caters for persons who have no skills and those who already have the basics to upgrade. They just have to come with the desire to learn. And it is made possible by the patient teaching of volunteers.


We regret that we had to close our operations at MumsSportiv end August 2018 because of financial constraints .
This closure does not affect Mums Sew With Love, which to date will be 5 years old since it began in 2014. We hope you will continue to support us in our pursuit of building lives, one by one. Thank you.


Chairperson: Keats Markandu
Teachers: Jean Jack Cheah, Lois Oh, Datuk Ee Hong
Marketing: Helen Chuah
Administration/ Finance : Vicki Singam
Motivational Support: Thevi Sinnadurai
Webmaster: Kevin Teh